Somali Tourism Association [SOMTA] is a nonprofit making tourism organization established in September 2012 and registered within the regulatory framework of Somalia Government. SOMTA is also A welfare organization aimed to enlighten the Somali community towards realization and appreciation of the importance of tourism and hospitality to the people. It’s a comprehensive organization which acts as a bridge to link between seniors and well informed people who act as a resource people and the new generation to understand the concept of tourism in a positive way to deliver to the nation. The concept was initiated and pioneered by some learned and professional people in the field of tourism. Somali Tourism Association established after realizing that our important tourism sites are being abused either by locals or even by outsiders.
To rehabilitate Somalia’s lost glorious tourist sites and rediscover its importance to the people of Somalia and the world at large.
To impart skills, confidence and attitudes on people towards hospitality and recreational development in the country.