SOMTA offers an added value education of training in different fields, both for public and private sectors in the country, including study developments classes for University students, intended students being those in the civil servant and private company staffs.

With the increasing growth of public and private staffs in the City, and the potential need to have reliable employees has tremendously increases too, recently, tens of thousands attend classes and graduate with little experience in the work awaiting  within the public sectors.

Therefore, we have the desire to provide all trainings where different subjects are being covered by proffesionals with professionalism, by making our trained personnel the best possible and availabe capacity we have at SOMTA, hence we provide full packages with a highly recognized certificate for the trainings covered.

  • English programmes  

  • Study skills

  • Organizational Leadership and Communication

  • International Conflict Resolution

  • Public Relations

  • Time Management Skills

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Research Methodology

  • Proposal writing skills

  • Report writing skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Customer care skills

  • The art of listening

  • Goal setting

  • How to set and chair committees.

  • How to arrange a meeting

  • How to establish a local organization

  • Attitude for personal growth and development

  • Positive thinking/Attitude