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Shine with SOMTA Cleaning Service

Who we are

We are a contract based cleaning company based in Mogadishu Somalia, although very young, since 2013, we experienced great reputation from the wider community we have served with the pride of replacing the dirt with shine.

We strongly focus on personal service to ensure we always meet our clients’ expectations.

We supply cleaning services to different commercial clients requiring daily cleaning and other small business requiring less frequent cleaning  in the capital city of Mogadishu, our services include window cleaning, compound cleaning, stripping and sealing of hard floors, crowd management, infection control and waste management.

This service is part of SOMTA’s main services to ensure the gap  is filled with professionalism by replacing the dirt with with shine.

What we do

We deliver quality control cleaning solutions to Mogadishu based large and small scale business sectors.

We take the following contracts;

  • Commercial building cleaning service
  • Offices cleaning service
  • Home/Apartment cleaning service
  • Corporate events
  • Cleaning Staff recruits
  • Training with maintenance
  • Other related cleaning services

Above this, we work closely with our clients to ensure the following;

  • Meet their expectations
  • Fulfill the promised
  • Maintain high cleaning standards
  • Be good and open in communication
  • Rectify their complaints speedy
  • Satisfying them is obligation

Why Choose Us

We know there are so many cleaning service companies around, what makes us unique is the chose of services we provide around and easily, our clients can choose the best that fits their needs from the list below;

  • General cleaning – offices and large multi-complex buildings
  • Event services
  • Ride on floor scrubbing
  • Floor stripping, sealing and polishing
  • Pressure washing
  • Windows
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Washroom services
  • Crowd control
  • Waste management and recycling services.

On top of the above, we deliver a quality and  cost-effective service to our clients.

Our team

Our cleaning team – they are all well trained with professionalism, and are central to ensuring we serve our clients better than their expectation, during work places , since we work in crowd and because we want to stand out in a crowd, we’ve made our staff easy to spot – they’re wearing our brand colour yellow, tips-for-cleaning-greenJust look for the yellow uniform and equipment with the SOMTA Cleaning Service logo.
To maintain standard and unique service, we keep hands-on through ongoing staff training programs, to ensures that our team is trained to the highest standards. We place a high priority on workplace safety and integrate Occupational Health and Safety into all aspects of our training.

The only one thing we hate more than dirt is unhappy client, your satisfactory is the shining we give.

Finally, we are professional cleaning company that delivers what it promises.

To get our cost effective service, just feel free to contact us and get the most affordable quotation for you cleaning service in Mogadishu.

To contacts us, easily click contact us and there your are at our office.