Somalia Tourism also includes accommodations in hotels and hostelries. One can enjoy a leisurely holiday in the very few luxury hotels that Somalia houses. These hotels provide all the modern amenities and facilities, one can expect for. Some of the best hotels in Somalia are present in the city of Mogadishu. They are:
 Sahafi hotel
 Hotel nasa hablod
 City palace hotel
 Maka-al Mukaram hotel
 Al jazeera hotel


If there is anything Somalis are good at is mouth=watering and delicious meals , at even their simplest eating open air outlets , mostly manned by women who cook food along the street , near a business outlet of their relations or a times put up a makeshift kind of eating places along the construction sites, let alone those high tech eating places housed within 5 star hotels such as City Palace .

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Tasty and delicious Somalia Cuisine

There are also beach view restaurant and seaside eating places such as lido, which also offer all types of cuisine that one can dream of, be it; African, oriental and even occidental . you name it and they will put it on the table in a jiffy.